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Jasmeet Sawhney named 2017 Executive Management Award Winner

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I believe there is no defined formula to inspire and motivate others, and you cannot create one for the sake of it,” says Jasmeet Sawhney, CMO at YibLab, Inc. “It is a natural part of your everyday job, and mentoring your team is just a characteristic of good leadership. When it comes to inspiring teams, I simply use my instincts and try to be ‘me.’

Growth Hacking: How to Grow Your Startup on a Lean Budget


Speaking @ NYC Startup Society

Talking to cutting-edge NYC entrepreneurs at NYC Startup Society event.

Yiblab’s Sawhney Talks about Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing at Startup Grind – Published on NJ Tech Weekly


Speaking @ Startup Grind

Marketing has made great strides in recent years, as companies have integrated the latest marketing technologies to help them achieve the best possible results in selling products and services in today’s digital economy.

That was the message from marketing expert and entrepreneur Jasmeet Sawhney, who was the featured speaker at the Startup Grind Princeton event on February 16 at the Tigerlabs coworking and entrepreneurship center, in Princeton.

via Yiblab’s Sawhney Talks about Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing at Startup Grind Princeton.

Jasmeet Sawhney (YibLab) @ Startup Grind

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Jasmeet is a serial entrepreneur and ‘Modern Marketing’ expert with deep roots in technology and data analytics.

via Jasmeet Sawhney (YibLab) – Startup Grind Princeton (Princeton, NJ) | Meetup.

YibLab, Inc. – 2017 New Jersey SmartCEO Future 50 Award Winner

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You can be extremely smart, and may hire some of the smartest people, but none of that would matter if you do not treat them the right way.

Some photos from awards night where YibLab was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in New Jersey.

via YibLab, Inc. – 2017 New Jersey SmartCEO Future 50 Award Winner.

[VIDEO] Content Marketing: 4 Simple Tips To Transform Into An Always-On Media Business – YouTube

In this episode, Jasmeet Sawhney talks about how to transform your content marketing into an always-on media business. Jasmeet provides some simple tips (or principles) to follow when business and marketing teams begin their journey to scale their content marketing programs, and try to transform into an always-on media business. Watch the video for more..

via [VIDEO] Content Marketing: 4 Simple Tips To Transform Into An Always-On Media Business | Yiblab.

[Podcast] How to Leverage Micro Influencers to Grow Your Brand – Published on Sweet Fish Media


Podcast interview with B2B Growth Show produced by Sweet Fish Media. It is around micro-influencers, and how B2B businesses can leverage micro-influencers as they start to build their influencer marketing programs. Also available on iTunes..

In this episode we talk to Jasmeet Sawhney, Managing Principal and CMO at YibLab.

You can find this interview, and many more, by subscribing to the B2B Growth Show on iTunes. If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen to every episode by clicking here.

via Sweet Fish Media | Podcast Production for B2B Companies.

4 Principles to Transform Your Content Marketing into an Always-on Media Business – Published on Digital Doughnut


There are tons of experts out there who would tell you that your business – regardless of who your customer is, or what you sell – needs to become more like a media business in order to do effective marketing. They would also tell you that you have to implement an ‘always-on’ marketing approach, in order to consistently reach-out and engage with your audience.

From the idea perspective, there is nothing wrong with this – I myself advocate that every company has to act like a media business to thrive in the new business environment. But, here’s the problem with all the advice floating around. Very few, if any, talk about how to actually transform your marketing into a media business. For most part, the fact that it is extremely hard to operate like a media business, is conveniently left out. In fact, most marketers full heartedly agree with the advice, but have no clue how to get started. That is what I want to address with this post.

Four simple principles (or tips) to follow in your quest to scale content marketing, and become an always-on media business:

1 – Find your content sweet-spot and stick to it

2 – Limit yourself – One Content Type/One Platform/One Target Persona

3 – Be consistent over a long period of time

4 – Focus on your own platforms, and build your own subscriber base

via 4 Principles to Transform Your Content Marketing into an Always-on Media Business – Digital Doughnut.

Top Must-Have Traits of Chief MarTechs – Published on Docurated

Top Traits Chief Marketing Technologists

“It may sound intuitive, but the most important trait is having the right balance of…”

Marketing/Business knowledge and IT/Technical depth. Typically, Chief Marketing Technologists have two types of background. Either, it’s someone from the IT side who is an expert in marketing/data infrastructure and software, and has worked with Marketing teams for a long time. Or, someone from the Marketing side who has been actively involved in implementation and use of technology and data since digital channels came around. Here’s why this balance is important – if a CMT lacks Marketing/Business knowledge, he/she would not be able to identify business opportunities that are created by new technologies; on the other hand, if a CMT is weak on the IT side, then data security and performance issues might creep-in. These are just examples, and a lot of other issues can happen if the balance is not there.

via Top Traits of Chief MarTechs: 60 Experts Weigh in On the Must-Have Traits of Today’s Top MarTech Talent – Docurated.