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The New Shopper – Informed, Connected And Demanding! – Retail Spokes Blog

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It is amazing how Apple rules over its consumer’s mindsets. They pre-sell millions of products and even get away with shortcomings (think iPhone 4 signal issues) without hurting their fan base. Only Steve Jobs has the ability to instruct his consumers to stop holding the phone ‘the wrong way!’ But, Apple fanatics are a rare breed providing such leeway to a seller. In the times that we live in, it is difficult even to get shoppers’ attention. To think of commanding what, where, when and how they buy is like daydreaming. Shoppers today have complete control and they have tools at their disposal that facilitate this authority.

So, what has lead to this shopper authority? Internet and other digital mediums have essentially changed the way we shop. The effect of internet shopping is far greater than the dollar value of online sales transactions. It is the influence on offline shopping where online produces a much bigger impact. Let’s list down some of things that have changed shoppers’ attitude and in effect transformed the retail landscape.

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How Comparison Shopping Engines Are Innovating – Retail Spokes Blog

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I always get into an argument with a friend who works at a first generation Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE). My opinion that CSEs need to do much more than just provide price comparisons does not fare well with him. His mantra – “Get shoppers in and out as quickly as possible and run with your cut”. Until recently, no one seemed interested in engaging shoppers, or providing better experiences. But, what my friend doesn’t realize is that the CSE world is changing. What was once considered taboo is soon going to become a hygiene factor. And, new breed of Comparison Shopping Engines are leading the charge to see about this change.

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Decline of Comparison Shopping Engines – Retail Spokes Blog

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Comparison shopping or ability to compare prices was (and to a large extent continues to be) one of the greatest innovations since the advent of internet shopping. Why? Because it put shoppers in control of the single most important shopping insight – ability to find the best price. So, understandably, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) were once a rage. But, they are constantly losing their clout with advent of new technologies and pressure from players like Google and Amazon. Here are some of the factors that are taking away CSE traffic:

Search engines are investing on their own shopping platforms

Google and Bing continue to evolve their own product search platforms. In addition to standard product information, they are enriching product pages with content like product reviews, videos and related products. There is a clear conflict of interest when it comes to product related search results. And, guess who wins? It is definitely not CSEs.

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E-Commerce: Is It a Good Practice To Require The User To Login In Order To See The Product Price? – Posted On Quora

It is not a good idea. Extra click/login can turn away shoppers unless they are so hooked on and are convinced that there is a substantial incentive to login. This happens rarely (mostly with bigger players).



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Who Are The Leaders In Browse-Driven e-Commerce? – Posted On Quora

I assume browse-driven means direct traffic and question is around sites that actually make sales (and not other eCommerce sites such as Shopping Comparion engines, Coupon sites, and such)

It is Amazon and eBay. eBay was the front runner for a long time until Amazon (unique visitors) took over. After these pure play retailers, there are many brick & mortar chains such as Walmart, Target, Sears and Best Buy.

Flash sales sites (Gilt, Rue La La, et. al) and group buying sites such as Groupon are catching up.


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