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Top Must-Have Traits of Chief MarTechs – Published on Docurated

Top Traits Chief Marketing Technologists

“It may sound intuitive, but the most important trait is having the right balance of…”

Marketing/Business knowledge and IT/Technical depth. Typically, Chief Marketing Technologists have two types of background. Either, it’s someone from the IT side who is an expert in marketing/data infrastructure and software, and has worked with Marketing teams for a long time. Or, someone from the Marketing side who has been actively involved in implementation and use of technology and data since digital channels came around. Here’s why this balance is important – if a CMT lacks Marketing/Business knowledge, he/she would not be able to identify business opportunities that are created by new technologies; on the other hand, if a CMT is weak on the IT side, then data security and performance issues might creep-in. These are just examples, and a lot of other issues can happen if the balance is not there.

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