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Shelly, Totally agree with the value of LinkedIn Groups – they enable users to build ‘credible’ connections, build thought leadership (digital footprint), get leads, etc. I am not so sure about improvements made by LinkedIn in terms of Groups functionality. I still find them extremely difficult to use. There are many issues:

1 – If you are a member of multiple groups, email digests feel like a spam and most people I talk to have turned them off because they simply cannot keep up with them

2 – There is a lot of promotional/spam discussions that puts people off

3 – It is extremely difficult to reach discussions that are relevant to a user – total lack of filters (part of the problem is people who just post random stuff)

4 – There is a bias towards discussions that are active even if they are old (even though there are few active discussions – they get most of the comments) – most other ‘relevant’ discussions go unnoticed

I would love to know your thoughts on these problems and how you are solving them today. Also, what other improvements would you like to see in LinkedIn Groups? Please share..


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I spend quite a bit of time on LinkedIn and that activity most definitely includes participating in LinkedIn Groups. Paying attention to the discussions that happen in different groups, participating, sharing data and personal experiences helps me do a better job of serving my clients and it also gives me insights into some of the issues my clients and prospects and sometimes even their clients and prospects face on a daily basis. As a result, I regularly meet and interact with a ton of new and interesting people and that’s rarely a bad thing.

Because I find Groups to be such a valuable part of the LinkedIn experience, I thought I’d share 3 reasons that might make you rethink your own use of Groups.

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