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Work Life Balance: A Poem – Published on LinkedIn

work life balance

You seek stability, Work/Life balance, you explain.

I fail to understand your quest; what sort of balance, I ask?


Not everyone has a dream job, I understand;

Many struggle to make ends meet.

Some are tired of the physical labor;

Others, victim of mental stress.

‘Bored to death’, you exclaim!


Perhaps, there are higher priority things to do;

‘Quality time’, you imply.

A Senior yearning to take care of sick wife.

A Mom longing to meet kids after work.

A Girl planning to watch a show with fiancé.

A Millennial hosting a party tonight, every night.


I admit, corporate walls can turn you insane;

Productivity demands time-off.

Some, also have genuine reasons to escape work.

But, for most, Work/Life balance is just an excuse!


If work feels like work, the quest needs to change.

Don’t seek balance! Seek new work.

Explore stuff that you enjoy; at least, change the status quo.

Maybe a new function, a new employer,

Better colleagues, a caring boss.


Whatever it takes, find work that brings joy, not eternal exhaustion.

Work that becomes part of life.

Because, when it does, you stop seeking balance,

You start seeking excellence.

And, along comes quality of life!

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The Productivity Value of ‘Sent From My iPhone’ – Published On Inc


Sent from iPhone

If you email from an iPhone, maybe that line that automatically plugs into your signature–”Sent from my iPhone”–feels tacky, like you’re being used as a marketing arm for Apple. Or maybe you do in fact love your iPhone, but the signature makes you feel uncomfortable because you’re not the type to humblebrag.

While many have opted to turn off the setting, though, others have found professional use for it. In a post on Boston tech news site BetaBoston, CEO Jasmeet Sawhney explores unintended benefits of the signature line. His ideas might convince you to reactivate your iPhone signature, or if you’re not the Apple type, to create a similar tagline on your phone. (Microsoft employs a “Sent from my Windows phone” signature on its smartphones.)

Check out Sawhney’s post for his entire ode, but a couple of his points show how the brief note can actually serve as a productivity hack.

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The Unintended Benefits Of “Sent from my iPhone” – Published On BetaBoston

sent from my iphone

When iPhone was first launched, these 4 words – “Sent from my iPhone” – were perceived by many as a way to flaunt your new device via emails. When I got my first iPhone, I made sure to remove the email signature fearing I would come across as a swagger. But, what started as an annoying display of status (or brand marketing for Apple), has become a very practical aid for professionals. This is primarily due to the fact that expectations and perceptions of the email recipient are very different when email comes from a smartphone instead of a desktop. It may not seem as apparent, but here are some unintended benefits of this ubiquitous signature, which beg the question – should this signature be included in some of your desktop email replies as well?

via The unintended benefits of “Sent from my iPhone” | BetaBoston.

LinkedIn Groups for Sales Success: Your Secret Weapon – Comment on SmallBizTrends

Hi Margie,

Thanks for providing the tips. Totally agree with the value of LinkedIn groups. They help with leads, but also help users build credible connections and thought leadership. But, I think the LinkedIn group experience requires improvement. I would love to know how you tackle some of the issues I face:

1 – If you are a member of multiple groups, email digests feel like a spam and most people I talk to have turned them off because they simply cannot keep up with them

2 – There is a lot of promotional/spam discussions that puts people off

3 – It is extremely difficult to reach discussions that are relevant to a user – total lack of filters (part of the problem is people who just post random stuff)

4 – There is a bias towards discussions that are active even if they are old (even though there are few active discussions – they get most of the comments) – most other ‘relevant’ discussions go unnoticed

Can you please share your thoughts on how you are solving these problems today? Also, what other improvements would you like to see in LinkedIn Groups? Please share..Thanks!


linkedin groups sales

Did you know that people who participate or engage in LinkedIn Group discussions get an average of four times as many profile views?

LinkedIn Groups allow you to connect with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. Many more than you could connect with via your first-level connections.

Using LinkedIn Groups for Sales Success

There are over two million groups on LinkedIn, with a focus on a variety of topics.  These include:

  • Corporate
  • College alumni
  • Nonprofit
  • Trade organizations
  • Conferences
  • Industry-specific
  • Interests – such as skiing or animals

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The Light Within — A Professional Context — Published On Medium

the light within

It is the light within, hiding deep beneath our skin

It holds our destiny, shapes our lives

It strikes more often than we realize

It brings us to extremes more often than we like

It makes us low and high, losers and winners, it is the light within.


It takes us far and beyond, below and under

It turns impossible into possible, possible into impossible

It drives us to excellence, leaves us doomed, it is the light within.

It propels us to achieve the unachievable, drowns us in mere existence

It transports us to heights of happiness, and wells of sorrow

It cultivates completeness, and shoves us to hollowness, it is the light within.

via The Light Within — A Professional Context — This Happened to Me — Medium.

3 Deadly LinkedIn Profile Mistakes To Avoid – Disqus Comment on Jeffbullas Blog

So, it seems everyone loves this article – but, I am still trying to make sense of it?!?! Are you suggesting that every single professional should turn their LinkedIn profile into sales BS?? Quite frankly, if I see this kind of a profile, I’ll think twice before connecting. It’s the same reason why you don’t pick up a sales call when you know a telemarketer is calling. And, the same reason people don’t like Car Salesman – this article seems to be suggesting that our LinkedIn profiles should sound like one as well. This is a big problem with some sales people, they think everyone else sees the world like they do. Such a profile would almost seem like a scam to normal professionals. There might be some professions where this might work – where there is quick sales/hiring without much deliberation. But, I am not going to give business to anyone who tries to shove sales pitches down my throat via their LinkedIn profile. For most practical scenarios, a LinkedIn profile is not at the bottom of the sales funnel – it is at the top. And, if you annoy anyone at the top, there aren’t going to be any leads. There is a big shift happening from this traditional sales ‘cold call’ paradigm to the new Inbound approach. But, it seems I am the only one who feels this way (at least here). Or, maybe I just didn’t get the essence of the article – my apologies if that is the case. – JASMEET SAWHNEY

linkedin profile mistakes

The sad truth is you are probably committing 3 deadly mistakes that turn you into a leper on LinkedIn.

If it makes you feel any better, you aren’t alone—thousands of people are making these 3 LinkedIn profile mistakes, turning their social media efforts into a giant waste of time.

Now I won’t bother tell you that you need a professional profile picture or recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. Those are a given. This article will explore the science of personal branding—why most people blend into the background and are instantly forgotten on LinkedIn.

Fix these 3 mistakes and you will immediately elbow your way past the hoards of competition and make a much better first impression on LinkedIn.

via 3 Deadly LinkedIn Profile Mistakes to Avoid – Jeffbullas’s Blog.

Ask The Headhunter: Is LinkedIn Cheating Employers and Job Seekers Alike? – Disqus Comment On PBS NewsHour

Great article – agreed that double-dipping is a big problem. But, do you really believe LinkedIn’s push into content/publishing is only to boost their job board business? There is a big community element in it for the user, no? – JASMEET SAWHNEY


You’re an employer and you’re hiring. You pay LinkedIn $3,950 for 10 job postings to help you find the best, most qualified hires. When LinkedIn delivers job applicants, do you care that those at the very top of the list paid LinkedIn for their positioning — while possibly better, more qualified candidates who didn’t pay are pushed to the bottom? Do you care that you can’t even turn this “feature” off?


Whether you’re the job applicant or the employer, you’d probably feel cheated. Imagine LinkedIn was a headhunter who charged the employer to fill a job, but also took money from an applicant to submit her resume first. That’s called double-dipping.

Welcome to the “job board” model for recruitment advertising, where the middle man charges everyone and manipulates the database, and where matching qualifications to job requirements is way down on the list of concerns, right beside those poor “basic users” who didn’t pay to play.

via Ask The Headhunter: Is LinkedIn Cheating Employers and Job Seekers Alike? | Making Sen$e | PBS NewsHour.