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9 Ways to Design Brand You – LinkedIn Group Discussion

@haydee – thanks for sharing the insights. Great article. I also think discovering your audience and constantly engaging with them is also extremely important. – JASMEET SAWHNEY

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You are the CEO of your own company – YOU Incorporated. In today’s fast-paced, competitive and interconnected world it is vital to have a unique powerful and personal brand in order to stand out and be memorable in the eyes of others. Think of some…

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Founder Brand Void Is Killing More Startups Than You Think – MassChallenge Blog

The following is a guest post from Jasmeet Sawhney of MassChallenge Finalist,

I was recently browsing our own people directory at MassChallenge. My goal was to see how many people have good web presence, so I picked some random names and did searches on Google and other social sites.

As I went from 1st name to the 30th, a pattern had emerged – one of the 3 things was happening for every person I searched (in decreasing order of frequency):

  • One or more social accounts of the person showed-up without any consistent presence in search results
  • It was difficult to locate the person on search and social sites
  • Only 2 people had 5 or more (out of 10) results on the first page of Google results

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Value of LinkedIn Groups — Published On Medium


value linkedin groups

  • Group email digest are too burdensome. If you’re a member of 10+ groups.
  • Most groups have few active or new discussions. Which means old posts are repeated for several days in group digest emails.
  • A lot of discussions are actually marketing promotions or jobs. So lots of popular groups have spam issues.
  • So what value/challenges do you see in LinkedIn groups? How do you solve these challenges today?

Originally posted by Jasmeet Singh.

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