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The Light Within: A Poem – Published on LinkedIn


Musings on the impact of inner light on our professional life.

It is the light within.

Hides deep beneath our skin,

Holds our destiny, shapes our lives,

Strikes more often than we realize,

Brings us to extremes more often than we like,

Makes us low and high, losers and winners,

It is the light within.


It takes us far and beyond, below and under,

Turns impossible into possible, possible into impossible,

Drives us to excellence, leaves us doomed,

It is the light within.


Propels us to achieve the unachievable, drowns us in mere existence,

Transports us to heights of happiness, and wells of sorrow,

Infuses completeness, and shoves us to hollowness,

It is the light within.


It is the light within that has many shades, so we must decide!

To become an optimist, or wind the pessimist fire;

To push the boundaries, or be contained;

To explore the unexplored, or be lost in self doubt;

To let in the breeze of change, or breathe stale air.

Shine bright or become a shadow,

Pick a shade of the light within.


Why not take the path where the light itself wants to travel?

Don’t! listen to the world; It only wants us to quit.

Pick the road that is rough and tiring;

Let’s work on a niche that makes us an authority;

Polish qualities others cannot replicate;

Associate with people who value what we cultivate.


Sparkle in brilliance of the light within.

Brilliance that glows without light.

Find no other use;

For it is the light within that makes us win!

via The Light Within: A Poem | Jasmeet Sawhney | LinkedIn.